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Medics are angry: We look like prisoners from the Zenica Penitentiary


In the tender documentation, uniforms are washed at 60 degrees. This is what was written on the labels of the samples that were sent for testing. However, now 60 has turned into 40 degrees

The uniforms for the employees of the Sarajevo Canton Health Center started to arrive. The nurses and technicians took over their new work suits and were once again disappointed. Fokus published an article last week in which we pointed out the dissatisfaction of the Trade Union of this public institution with the composition of the material, because it has only 35 per cent cotton and 65 per cent polyester, which, according to the workers, is a threat to their safety. In addition, it is clear that patients will also suffer because of clothing with such a composition and unpleasant odours that will not be able to be avoided.

Written by: S. KARAICA/Fokus.ba

Also, it was indicated in the tender documentation that it is a reserved contract, which is in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement, but at the same time it opens up the possibility of abuse, that is, it can favour a certain bidder.

They have to wear them

The company Greensoft d.o.o. Zenica, which we found to be registered for the production of laundry, was given the job and until recently was headed by a member of the People and Justice and the candidate of this party in the last general elections, Hatidža Šarić Tufekčić. Malicious persons could conclude that her party card was a reference for her selection in the tender. But let's go back to the employees of the CS Health Center.

After receiving the uniforms, seeing them and trying them on, many of them contacted our newsroom. They also sent us photos so we could see “how they look”.

They do not hide their disappointment and, they say, they would prefer to buy new ones and return these ones. However, they are afraid of the reaction of the management who ordered that the uniforms must be worn.

The medics with secondary education were given light blue uniforms, and jokingly say that they did well. Those who graduated from the Faculty of Health Studies, among them service chiefs and chief nurses-technicians, were given dark suits, which, they say, are identical to the suits of prisoners from the Zenica Penitentiary.

One employee claims that these are completely different models from those they have seen and tried before. Now she got a “custom-made” suit that is “two sizes bigger”. At the same time, the skirts are too tight and it is almost impossible to move in them. Also, it is not clear to them what is the purpose of the velcro to write the name on the front of the blouse when everyone has credentials.

Experience without valid evidence

But besides the fact that medics don't like the look and composition of the uniforms, there is something else that has nothing to do with personal preferences. In the tender documentation, uniforms are washed at 60 degrees.

This is what was written on the labels of the samples that were sent for testing.

However, now 60 has turned into 40 degrees, which is not at all in line with what was requested.

We do not know whether any subsequent agreement was reached between the contracting parties or whether it was a unilateral decision by the manufacturer. In the public interest, someone should offer an explanation.

Finally, something more about the bidder's qualification. It is usual that they have to prove that they meet the requirements of technical and professional ability. This, in this particular case, meant, among other things, the submission of evidence that in the last two years, they had successfully implemented contracts of the same type with some other principals, in the amount of at least 100,000 KM.

By reviewing the data from the public procurement portal, we were convinced that Greensoft d.o.o. Zenica had not previously participated in tenders and had no concluded deals. We have learned from well-informed sources that this company has attached as evidence a certificate of properly completed work for the company Pharmacy&Bio d.o.o. for production, sales and services in Sarajevo, which is also its founder. It's like a mother writing a certificate to her child that she is the best.