Ona je “besposličarka” koju prati 7 miliona ljudi, pogledajte zašto… (FOTO)


Lindsey Pelas nema neko konkretno zanimanje. Neki bi rekli, besposličarka.

Ali, Lindsey ima sedam miliona fanova na Instagramu.

Zbog svog za mnoge savršenog tijela Lindsey je prava pravcata zvijezda, a njene fotke lajkaju hiljade fanova iz cijelog svijeta.

Voli se pohvaliti da su njene grudi prirodne, a čvrstu guzu održava redovnim vježbanjem i pravilnom prehranom.

Instagram joj je prepun seksi fotografija u donjem rublju, ali i kad je odjevena Lindsey zaista oduzima dah.

Always effortless in @styledelivers ✨ with @piazzapix

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I got my first gym membership in college after a boy broke my heart. Originally I thought 1. Maybe I'll run into him here LOL 2. Maybe I'll run into some other hott guys here – also LOL 3. I can study my notes on the elliptical and have an Elle Woods moment……….. ? literally none of these things ever happened. BUTTT I did start getting over my breakup. I found a place I could be distracted, play filthy music in my ear and run around sweating out all my life's aggravations. I've worked out consistently at a gym ever since, it's been about 5 years. Exercise is the best, natural euphoria you can gift yourself. Aside from obvious cosmetic and health benefits, exercise is an opportunity for "me time," self-reflection and an escape from the world ? whether you're stressed at work, heartbroken or need a study break- The gym (or park, or yoga class etc) is a good idea. ? I've been hitting the gym a little harder lately and my @1stphorm BCAA is my drink of choice throughout my workout. It helps repair my muscles faster and keep my workouts tougher. Less downtime means more "me-time" :) check it out at #1stphorm #breakupworkoutsarethebest #whatwouldellewoodsdo #bendandsnap

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The iPhone realness when the sun hits you mid-pose ?☀️

Objavu dijeli lindsey (@lindseypelas)

Is it weird I took pics in front of my closet at 2am ??‍♀️

Objavu dijeli lindsey (@lindseypelas)

Good morning ☀️ @mikeleshotit

Objavu dijeli lindsey (@lindseypelas)

Took this mid-sunset today just bc I love u ?

Objavu dijeli lindsey (@lindseypelas)


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